The Power of One dinner

The Interfaith Council of Greater Sacramento is hosting

The Power of One Dinner
Wednesday, May 17 • 6 pm

St. Ignatius Loyola Parish
3235 Arden Way
Sacramento, CA 95825

Sister Claire Graham Wellspring Women’s Center, Co-Founder
Reverend Jim Hare Dharma Center of Sacramento
Jan Merrill Baha’f Faith, Rocklin
Dr. Oscar Wright Calvary Christian Center (North Campus)

Giving Back to the Community Awards
Bread of Life Center
Core Connectivity: A Foundation to Empower Families

Table: $800
1/2 table $400
Individual tickets: $100

To order
Jeanne at:
(916) 719-0382
or order online at

Click here for a flyer for: The Power of One Dinner

Interfaith Council of Greater Sacramento
PO Box 15246
Sacramento, CA 95851

What’s new?

The recap of  our March 20 meeting featuring Jasmeen Kairam, outreach manager at My Sister’s House, have been posted (see Meeting Minutes). The minutes include  links for the handouts and for more information about upcoming events and featured organizations.

Here are just a few of the meeting highlights:

Sacramento County had launched their 2017 competitive grants program for non-profits funded by the County Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT).

St. Ignatius is hosting a Spring Blessing on March 20 at 11 am

There’s talk of arranging a viewing of “Seed: the Untold Story” A film about the importance of heirloom seeds to the agriculture of the world, focusing on seed keepers and activists from around the world.

The God’s Helping Hand laundry program could use a financial infusion.  (Learn more about this program on our Resources page.)

Then next meeting is April 18, 6 PM at First Church of Christian Scientist, 4829 Folsom Blvd, Sacramento. Our speaker will be Daniel Sedequist from Stanford Youth Solutions.

Arden-Arcade and Carmichael Faith Communities
Meeting at Grace Presbyterian Church
14 March 2017

St. Ignatius: Jeanne Anderson-West
Lutheran Church of Our Redeemer: Jason Bense
Sierra Arden UCC: Megan Brooks
Greater Arden Chamber of Commerce: Shaun Dillon
Sierra Arden FC: Delores Forkey
St. Michael’s Episcopal: Mary Groesbeck, Julie Linderman
St. Marks UM: Kevin Jenkins, John McCormack
Grace Presbyterian: Linda Sweetman,Tom Sweetman
1st Church of Christ Scientist: Kristen Wakefield

_ _ _

Linda read two prayers “Stretch Our Sympathies” and “Stretch Our Energies”, followed by self-introductions.
_ _ _


Jasmeen Kairam, Outreach Manager, from My Sister’s House gave ane overview of their organization.

My Sister’s House originally began to serve the needs of Asian and Pacific Islander women and children who were impacted by domestic violence, at a time when that population was not well served by existing agencies. It now offers it services to women of all backgrounds.

It has a 24/7 Help Line (916) 428-3271 which provides help in multiple languages to women in crisis. They can do intake as well as refer to other agencies and programs.

Their three shelter programs are:

  • Emergency Shelter – for women and their children faced with domestic violence. There are six beds available for 30 to up to 90 days. They offer counseling and legal assistance.
  • When funding is available and the six beds are full, they can offer motel vouchers.
  • Transitional Housing – a six bed extended housing for up to two years for women requiring a longer period to resolve their issues and gain needed life skills.
  • Sex Trafficking Victim Housing – a new program offering six bed to women who are escaping sex trafficking.

My Sister’s House also has a Women to Work Programs. This programs offers life skill training, help creating resumes, job interview skill development, healing programs and therapy programs, as well as mentorships.

My Sister’s House operates My Sister’s Café a volunteer based breakfast and lunch café located at 455 Capitol Mall, #110.

Other funding comes from grants and donations.

_ _ _

New Business:

Shaun shared information about the County’s TOT Grant  for community organizations, funded by revenue from the County Transient Occupancy Tax. Julie Linderman will check details, but all are encouraged to look at the attached flier (Click here for flyer) and follow up with local non-profits they know who might benefit.

There was most discussion about the movie “Seed: The Untold Story”. (Click here for more about the film) Grace Presbyterian may be arranging a viewing of this, the third film in the series, at Sierra Arden UCC and using the AACFC to share information on this with member congregation.

The Sac Bee article with the Produce For All Schedule  ( was shared. Jeanne has a pdf copy that she will forward for distribution.

_ _ _

Old Business:

God’s Helping Hand – Mary  noted that funds are running down. She will check with St. Michaels’ book keeper to tap into the Spiritual Life Center donation.

_ _ _

Member updates:

1st Church of Christian Scientist – Kristen noted the VOA operated homeless program at 904  11th Street at I Street that house 50 people each night. There are cages available for pets.

Lutheran Church of Our Redeemer – Jason has offered to host the June meeting.

St. Ignatius – Jeanne noted three items:

St. Ignatius will host the Interfaith Council of Greater Sacramento’s “Spring Blessing on Our Communities” on March 20th at 11 AM. (Click here for flyer)

“Feed-A-Family at Easter” signup continue. Distribution will be April 8.

They are looking for a Notary for a special project.

Grace Presbyterian – Linda said planning for the next “Farm to Every Fork” in the fall will be resuming.

St Michaels – Their Crab Feed on February 25th has generated funds for various outreach programs.

St. Michaels sent 35 volunteers to St. Marks to help with the Winter Sanctuary program on the 8th.

They will have two Easter Egg Hunts, one for younger children and the other for older kids.

Sierra Arden Food Closet – Delores noted they have been giving out pillows supplied by Target, as well as toilet paper and pet food. They are considering expanding their operation and increasing the food issued from a three-day supply to a four-day supply.

The six churches backing this Food Closet are: Good Shepard Lutheran, Sierra Arden UCC, Grace Presbyterian, Arden Christian, Cottage Community, and Congregation Beth Shalom

Sierra Arden UCC – The church continues to make kits for the International Rescue Committee to be used for Afghanistan refugees. The items needed for these kits can be found at:

St Marks UMC – John note that the church will hosted Winter Sanctuary on 6-9 March and it will do a second round on the 21st – 24th March.

Kevin noted Boy Scout Troop #53 did a huge food drive for the Food Closet.

_ _ _


Linda closed by re-reading one of the opening prayers.

_ _ _

Next Sessions:

18 April at 6 PM, host 1st Church of Christian Scientists, presenter Daniel Sedequist from Stanford Youth Solutions.

16 May at 2 PM, host St. Marks UMC, presenter Danielle Lawrence from
Mutual Assistance Network (MAN).

7 June at 6 PM, host Lutheran Church of Our Redeemer, presenter Faith Whitmore from the Sacramento Regional Family Justice Center.

_ _ _

Respectfully Submitted,
Kevin Jenkins

Community Events

Therapists Rising
A symposium on Refuge
and Immigrant Issues

Sunday, February 26, 2-5:15 pm
Presented by Therapist for Social Responsibility
St. Mark’s UMCm 2391 St. Mark’s Way
General Public $10 donation
Professionals $30 including 3 CEUs
Are you disturbed by the targeting of Muslim and Hispanic communities? Want to help but not sure how? Our panel includes immigration lawyers, field direGtor of World Relief, therapists who have clients on the front lines, a family dealing with ICE & more.
Click here to download flyer for registration information.


Performing for Peace
A benefit concert and art show

for International Rescue Committee of Sacramento and our refugee families
Saturday, March 11, 7-9 pm

Unitarian Universalists of Sacramento, 2425 Sierra Blvd.
Tickets $15 in advance, $20 at the door, $5 for children under 12

Free Parking. Childcare provided for young children if requested in advance.
Click here to download flyer for more information.

Feed-a-Family at Easter
St. Ignatius Loyola Parish
Lent Faith in Action Project 2017

Accepting donations of funds, food,supplies and time to feed families this Easter season
$60 feeds a family of two, $75 feeds family of four, $90 feeds a family of six

For a complete list of needed food and supplies, funding options and volunteer information click here to download our 2-page flyer.

Refugee Crisis

If you want to learn more about refugee resettlement issues, keep up with the current situation and discover how to help check, out The International Rescue Committee in Sacramento. The IRC was founded at immigrant American Albert Einstein’s request, the IRC offers lifesaving aid and solutions to today’s most challenging human crises.

IRC hosts monthly “Refugee 101” presentations
the next one is February 16, 5:30 pm

If you haven’t already, you might want to sign up for the IRC NorCal Newsletter ( ) to receive the most up-to-date information and ways to help.

Free Teeth Cleaning & X-rays
Did you know the Carrington Dental College on Folsom Blvd near Watt Ave offers free teeth cleanings? At the end of the process they will hand you your x-rays and provide a list of low cost dentists.
Clothing Closet Accepting Donations
The SJUSD “Clothes Closet” appreciates your clothing donations for youth in the school district needing clothing. Donation can be taken to the administration office at Encina High School, 1400 Bell St, Sacramento, CA 95825

Dates to Note

February 25, 6 pm
Crab Feed at St. Michaels
Click here for a St. Michael’s Crab Feed Flyer

February 25, 5:30 pm
Crab Feed at St. Marks UMC
Click here for a St. Mark’s Crab Feed Flyer

March 6-9 & March 21-24
Winter Sanctuary offered at St. Marks UMS

March 20, at 11 am
Spring Blessing on Our Communities hosted by/at St. Ignatius. (More details to follow.)

April 6–8
Feed-A-Family at Easter hosted by/at St. Ignatius. (More details to follow.)

May 17, 6 pm
Power of One Dinner by the Interfaith Council of Sacramento  at St. Ignatius Loyola Parish. (Flier soon.)

[Note from Kevin Jenkins:
I am out of the area until late this week and there are several fliers that I would have attached to the minutes. I will send those once I return … including the revised Resource Guide.
Norma Niekamp from St. Johns the Evangelist is also getting some information for us about the Clothing Closet run by SJUSD at Encino High School. Blessing to each of you and your faith communities.]

Arden-Arcade Carmichael Faith Community
Meeting at St. Mark’s United Methodist Church
17 January 2017

LC of Our Redeemer Jason Bense
St Michaels Mary Groesbeck, Julie Linderman
1st Ch Christ Sci Rocky Jarvis,Kristen Wakefield
St Marks Kevin Jenkins,John McCormack
St John Evanglist Norma Niekamp
Grace Presbyterian Linda Sweetman
Sierra Arden Tom Tortora

_ _ _

Kevin offered an opening prayer followed by self-introductions.

_ _ _

New Business:

Resource Guides – Kevin reported that the Resource Guide has been updated. No partner is offering gas vouchers currently, but there are two new food closets on the list and Sierra Arden has added an additional zip code to its service area. Jeanne from St. Ignatius has offered to have the new edition redone in a clean format. Click here for the  latest edition

The Resource Guide has been translated by an Afghan into a handwritten set of pages. Jason and Julie both are taking photo copies of that version to see if one of their contacts is able to create a printed copy.

Stronger Together Event – The members of the Board of Directors updated the group about plans for the February Sixth “Stronger Together in Service to Our Neighbors” event.  The goals are to increase awareness of AACFC and the programs it supports, to get more active representation at monthly meetings, and to bring new faith communities into the group.

The format for that event was presented and it was suggested that we also invite some of the former presenters, so that that could be thanked and so that new comers could see the type and caliber of presenters. Kevin will send out those requests.

Kristin and Linda volunteered to help Tom hand address the invitations that are being mailed to the other faith communities by Priority Mail to increase the attention to those letters.

There will be an RSVP so that there is a good estimation of the need for help with food. Julie said she would help if needed.

The suggestion was made that Kevin contact Congressman Bera’s office to get help in moving the 501c3 through the IRS.

_ _ _

Old Business:

God’s Helping Hand – Mary sent a “thank you” letter to Star Bucks at Watt and Kings Way on behalf of their support for the laundry day program. Currently there is an average of 10 to 14 families coming with the max capacity being 20.

Funds are running down. Representatives are asked to request donations from their faith communities. The program will also accept liquid detergent again.

Cal-Fresh Booth – Linda reported that 75 to 79 families are now making use of the Cal Fresh Booth at the Famers’ Market each week. Even in last Saturday’s heavy rain, there were 35 new clients.

_ _ _

Member updates:

Sierra Arden UCC – The church has made ten kits for IRC to be used for Afghanistan refugees. The items needed for these kits can be found at:

The church is thinking of handing over its community garden space to IRC for use by local refugees.

The church is also offering free use of its facility with the upgraded AV system to AACFC related groups.

St Michaels – the church gave out over 200 Angel Bags at the Community Meal at St. Matthews before the holidays. About 280 attended including many refugees whose children now attend the elementary school across Bell Ave.

Eight agencies will benefit from grants being issued by the church totaling $25k.

It will host a Crab Feed on February 25th at 6 PM. Click here St. Michael’s Crab Feed Flyer for flyer.

Lutheran Church of Our Redeemer – Jason noted that the two churches had a joint Christmas event.

He is leaving his role on the Opening Doors Board of Directors, but reported that at least through 2017 that Sacramento will continue to receive large numbers of refugees. The need for our collective support of them will remain strong.

Jason also noted there has been a strong uptick in requests for help with housing. This uptick was confirmed by several of the other faith community representatives and there followed a long discussion about trying to uses the former Mike’s Market location for a shelter or warming center. Jason will continue to reach out to the property owners.

St. John the Evangelist – Norma noted the parish continues to support its food closet and rental help programs.

Norma is also working with the Carmichael H.A.R.T. startup.

1st Church of Christian Scientist – Kristen continues to focus on the needs of those recently coming out of prison.

Rocky has been working with elderly at a facility on their fears associated with recent political events.

The Thursday night Men Group continues to evolve.

Grace Presbyterian – Linda noted that the Cal Fresh booth is now so busy that it now requires three volunteers for staffing, instead of just two.

Planning for the next “Farm to Every Fork” in the fall has already started.

St Marks UMC – John reported that the committee on homeless issue has been attending every County and Sac City meeting in its effort to increase funding for homeless related programs. There will be a visit to San Jose to inspect the new homeless sites that city is sponsoring.

The church will host Winter Sanctuary on 6-9 March and 21-24 March.

They are hosting its Crab Feed on the same night that St. Michaels is doing theirs, February 25th. Click here St. Mark’s Crab Feed Flyer for a flyer.

St. Ignatius – Via an email from Jeanne.

They are hosting a “Spring Blessing on Our Communities” on March 20th at 11 AM. (Details to follow.)

“Feed-A-Family at Easter” will be April 6 through 8. (Details to follow.)

“Power of One Dinner” by the Interfaith Council of Sacramento will be on May 17th at 6 PM. The location will be at St. Ignatius Loyola Parish. (Flier soon.)
_ _ _

Next Sessions:

6 February at 6 PM, host Sierra Arden UCC, “Stronger Together” event.

14 March at 2 PM, host Grace Presbyterian, presenter (tentative) Danielle Lawrence on the Black Child Legacy Campaign

18 April at 6 PM, host 1st Church of Christian Scientists, presenter to be determined.
_ _ _

Respectfully Submitted,
Kevin Jenkins

New Resource Guide & a Special Event

Stronger Together in Service to Our Neighbors, Monday, February 6 pm,
Sierra Arden United Church of Christ.3100 Northrop Avenue

Arden-Arcade Carmichael Faith Communitie (AACFC) invites all to a special event. Learn about what  resources faith communities in Arden-Arcade and Carmichael already provide and share the stories of what your faith community offers to our neighbors. We’ll have speakers from social service agencies, non-profits, and community leaders. Discover what AACFC does and ways that we can be, “Stronger Together in Service to Our Neighbors”.

Updated AACFC Local Social Services Resources Guide now available
Download it from the AACFC website’s  Resources page:
(A version for the Afghani community will be available at the January 17 meeting!)