AACFC Meeting at
St. Marks UMC
12 September 2017

St Michaels, Mary Groesbeck, Julie Linderman
St Marks, Kevin Jenkins, Alan Jones, John McCormack
Faith Legacy, Maria Muich, Elaine Owen
Grace Presbyterian, Linda Sweetman

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Kevin opened with a prayer followed by self-introductions.

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Rob Jennings-Teats spoke about the Circles Initiative used in Carson City to help people break out of the cycle of poverty. About 80% of those going into the program have been able to meet their established goals within two years of completing the program. In the last 8-years they had had 250 graduates.

The program receives referrals from agencies and partners such as the local welfare department. Candidates must be drug-free and not in a domestic violence situation.

There is and 18-week basic life skills class. Classes are held in one of four partner churches. Child care and a meal are provided.

After the basic life-skills segment the participants begin a two or three-year relationship with an assigned “ally”. The ally is to work on a weekly bases with the individual and their family to motivate change, to assist in introducing them to business, education, or other community contacts.

Participants are encouraged to assist each other and develop networking skills.

The estimate is that graduates save the state about $40,000 in support, by becoming less dependent on government aid and assistance.

Rob has help establish programs in Elk Grove and Auburn. They also have programs in Fresno, Reno, Watsonville and Napa.

Elk Grove had a $52k grant to help start the program. Carson City needs about $120k for a full-time program coordinator and a half-time job coach.

There are two opportunities to see the program at work in two-day training sessions. The first is November 1st and 2nd in Carson City. The second will be April 18th and 19th in 2018.

Click here for the NETworX brochure

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Old Business:

The Board is trying to host a refugee forum this fall. Details to be announced

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New Business:

We are still working on the schedule for the balance of 2017 and start of 2018. November 9th will have a presenter from Well Space.

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Non-member Announcement

The film “And Then They Came for Us” will be presented Saturday, 23 September at 2pm at the Crest Theater.

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Member updates:

St Ignatius – the 6th Annual Interfaith Night of Music will be hosted at St. Ignatius from 7:00-8:30 on October 19th.

St Michaels – will continues to have a major remodeling of its Sanctuary and office.

From the money raised at their February Crab Feed the church will be offer eight grants of $1,000 to organizations focused on basic human needs, such as food, shelter, clothing, or education and who have church member actively working in the organization. Those receiving the grants will be at an event on October 8th.

St Matthews – there is a Community Meal planned for the 25th of September. Additional volunteers are welcomed.

River City Food Bank will open a Friday and Saturday branch at the church starting 20 October.

Grace Presbyterian – New focus on seniors in the neighborhood. Thinking of workshops for seniors and computers and other senior related speakers.

More volunteers are needed for the Cal-Fresh Booth.

Faith Legacy Church – The clothing store starts it 3nd year

Wednesday breakfast, from 6:30 to 8:30 attracts many youth and a number of adults. Last week there were 85.

St Marks UMC – The first Moon Lecture is Friday.

The church will host a DACA and immigration legal workshop on September 30th at 8 AM.
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Next three meetings:
October – to be announced
November 9th at 6 pm – Well Space – location to be announced
January – to be announced

_ _ _


Urban Cow 5k run/walk participant sponsorship form, sponsor former Family Promise clients to raise funds for Family Promise.

Prayer Breakfast and Prayer Luncheon details
Common Prayer, Lutheran-Catholic 500th Commemoration of the Reformation, October 9

Prayer Service and reception invitation
Common Prayer, Lutheran-Catholic 500th Commemoration of the Reformation, 7 p.m., October 9

The Salvation Army Angel Tree Christmas Program
For additional details contact Salvation Army Family Services, 3213 Orange Grove Avenue, North Highlands. (916) 678-4010.

6th Annual Interfaith Night of Music and the Spoken Word October 19

Life of Unity Festival hosted by the Bahá’í communities in Placer County
October 22, 3-5 pm
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Respectfully Submitted,

Kevin Jenkins

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